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Queer Visions of Freedom

@ Halle am Berghain, Berlin,
40 years Tom of Finland Foundation
Opening May 30th 2024


@ Galerie Nüüd, Berlin,
Opening June 27th 2024, 18h



“I am interested in the area where bodies and identity meet. And I am inspired by people who see their body as fluid, something to mold and create, as a tool to be.

Distorted bodies from ballet dancers, digitally hacked bodybuilders and re-sampled trans people, portraits of sexworkers chemically melted by a liquid drug – Mathias Vef works with people who experiment with their self and see their body as something fluid. This fluidity is a tool to be, to embody, it’s enabling to deal with the drama and traumas of life. Through photos, videos 3d-scans and artificial intelligence, Vef collects these m(e)aterials, these embodiments of life, with which he creates images and surreal collages representing the utopian state of mind of his subjects, against the ‚natural‘.

Mathias Vef lives and works in Berlin after having studied at the Royal College of Art in London in the class of Noam Toran and Anthony Dunne. His work was exhibited in shows in London, Berlin, New York, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur.

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Interview ART BERLIN

Interview VICE

Mathias Vef – Berlin based Visual Artist
Mathias Vef – Berlin based Visual Artist


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