Uncanny Family

Over the past year we have all experienced a migration of our lives online, expressing ourselves digitally in novel ways and unprecedented frequencies. It’s inevitable then, that these enforced engagements with online environments have changed the way we relate to others, the way we think of ourselves and the way we make art.

This is especially true for AndroTechne – an international group of artists, regularly exhibiting their work and hosting life-drawing sessions in physical spaces. Ritual, intimate gatherings and sharing have been rendered impossible in the last year, so each member has had to adapt and adjust to this new world.

The new work arrives with a corresponding new diversity of subject and medium: Visceral human experience stripped down to coded content. Haunting – the digital echoes of those who’ve died; Loneliness and intimacy in the new digital reality; Self-manipulation and alternative imaginings; Portrayals of emotional and corporeal peril. The digital realm – sanctuary or opiate, benign or malign?

Join us online, as AndroTechne show how their creative energy has adapted, evolved and emerged in a new expression of their Digital Selves.

Uncanny Family by Mathias Vef, Our Digital Selves


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