Dialogue with A.I.
@ Dan Pearlman Campus

Dear friends, 

This year’s Open Day of the Dan Pearlman Campus is all about A.I. and creativity. And I  am very happy to be invited to show a small selection of Work in Progressof recent experiments, inspired by and using A.I.
My practice has been entangled – with  the people I work with, through their bodies as pieces of art. It has been entangled through inspiration and tools, all coming together in my head to dynamic and often chaotic process.  A.I. tools might change that process quite radically, and maybe multiplying entanglements. Reality is in motion, it might be time to have a look and ask questions, but not expecting answers.
There is only a limited amount of spaces, please  RSVP, if you want to come for some discoveries, dreams, drinks and dance!
Dan Land of Dreams
Dare to discover, dream, drink and dance
Sep. 8th 17h

work to see

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