Nuit 2.0
@ Galerie Nüüd, Berlin

I am really happy to show work for the first time at Gallery Nüüd, a new space in Berlin Mitte. Nuit 2.0 is a group show about the night. Almost all of the people I work with are different and special and nights are very often safe spaces to blossom. The harsh day light of reality leaves little space for deviance and the heterotopies which I and my models seek. Novalis wrote that humans are aliens in the light but reborn at night. Alienation and renascence in a nocturnal illumination were the inspiration to the new piece for Nuit 2.0.

Nuit 2.0
Gallery Nüüd
Kronenstr. 18 10117 Berlin

Opening Thursday 21. July 22 from 18h
Until Aug 20th 2022

With Anna Tunikova, Axel Teichmann, Birgit Naomi Glatzel, Bo Larsen, Corinna Rosteck, Dale Grant, Daniela Finke, Daniel und Geo Fuchs, Deni Horvatić, Ivar Kaasik, Marco Kaufmann, Martin A. Völker, Mathias Vef, Reinhold Petermann, Philip Crawford and Sabine Beyerle

Nuit 2.0 at Galerie Nüüd, Berlin, Mathias Vef


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