Gender Bender Time Traveller
@ LSD Potsdamer Str

On October 6th is the opening of GENDER BENDER TIME TRAVELLER in the (in)famous LSD building near Berlin’s Potsdamer Strasse. The show is a journey between universes and metaverses around gender, sexuality, race and culture. 21 artists from around the world working from virtual landscapes to hybrid avatars and VR sex clubs to collapse boundaries between human, art, and machine.

I will show a new piece called “Stille”, a digital chimera of a choreography by two bodies, 3D-scanned that are performing an almost silent dance piece, recalling collective experiences of the past years.

With movements from the Queer Movement Archive (by @IOR50.STUDIO, movements by @JACOB0CONNELL and 

GENDER BENDER TIME TRAVELLER will also be the inaugural project of  @GEISTED.OFFICIAL , a platform for digital art, a curated NFT marketplace but also IRL exhibitions. There will be further panels and talks with artists throughout the exhibition.


LSD building, Kurfürsten Str. 151
October 6th – 30th 2022

With work by: 
Stacie Ant | Serwah Attafuah | Bob Bottle | Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley | Face3D – Chong Yan Chuah | Amir Fattal | Frederik Heyman | Andrew Thomas Huang | Huntrezz Janos | Sasha Katz | Bahareh Khoshooee | Jabu Nadia Newman | OneFallArt | Dennis Rudolph | Nicole Ruggiero and Sam Clove r | Vincent Schwenk | Georgie Roxby Smith | Jam Sutton | Miyö Van Stenis | Mathias Vef | Xemantic


“Stille” is available as an NFT on

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