Temporary Turn

I am really happy to show a very new selection of new work from 2014 from my East London residency ’Temporary Turn’. The exhibition is in a temporary open studio and reflects my periodical re-turning to London since my graduation from the Royal College of Art.

The work that will be exhibited consists of digital work from the two ongoing series ‘The End of The Outer’ and ‘The Ease of Propagation‘, a turn between virtual still life studies and speculative portraits, including a series of portraits and collages with artist ROGER BAPTIST RUMMELSNUFF, who is doorman of the Berlin club BERGHAIN.

‘The Ease of Propagation‘
is a series of collages through which I explore the construction of reality and environments and the confusion in our relation to those concepts, that consist of nature and now of technology and the artifice – nature is designed while technology evolves. The worlds that are created from that inspiration are atmospheres of likes and objects of desire that construct environments under evolutionary parameters such as recombination, variation and deviation and crescive complexity of elements from nature, physical objects and virtual objects taken out of video games.

‘The End of The Outer‘
Within my work, I conceptualizes people as a dynamic process between egotistic creation and fragmentation – an intersection of their inner and the outer. More than human beings, I see my subjects as human becomings. Each one is a process of creation that emanates onto the outer, which becomes a self-referenced world, a mirror of our selves and dissolves.

The work shown includes both finished work and work that is in progress, experiments of research, sketches and outlook to future exhibitions. The studio residency was enabled through the collaboration with London based photographer MACIEJ URBANEK.

Temporary Turn

August 28th – September 9th 2014
Reception Weekend:
Thursday, 4th & Friday, 5th of September, 18-22h
Saturday, 6th & Sunday, 7th, of September 15-20h

All other days on appointment:


Temporary Turn, London 2014, Mathias Vef


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