@ Galerie 3punts, Berlin

From February 12th 2015 3punts Gallery shows my work Syncretics.

Starting from simple elements varying with each generation, I use a digital collage technique to create digital ecosystems. These systems loom to be an illusion of the natural but are infused by an abstract artificiality and an urge to shape and create.

Syncretism is the synthesis of two – often religious – philosophies, weltanschauungen, to something new. To me this concept does not only relate to the combination of the natural and artificial, but also to the process of a creation in an evolutionary and generative way, as in contrast to a conscient creation.


Please read the Article on THE CREATORS PROJECT by Becky Chung.


Galerie 3punts
Auguststr, 50b
10117 Berlin

February 13th – March 21st 2015
Tuesday – Saturday 12-18h
Privaet View: Thursday, February 12th, 19-21h


„Science and Technology are restlessly on the move; and, at each further move that they make they produce disturbing and bewildering changes in the alien environment that they have imposed on us.“

Jesse McLean

Mathias Vef - Syncretics Exhibition 2015


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