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200 Best Digital Artists

I am really happy to be selected for Lürzer’s Archive „200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide“#:

Michael Weinzettl on digital artist/graphic designer Mathias Vef

I’ve been slightly acquainted with graphic designer/digital artist Mathias Vef and his partner Thorsten Kadel, who’s a board member and creative director at dan pearlman, (an internationally active branding firm with clients such as Lufthansa and Mercedes Benz), for at least ten years – albeit only from the Berlin Club scene, really, in which I spotted them frequently. I also knew that Mathias was aware of Lürzer’s Archive magazine as he asked me about it once, but we never really talked shop. Berlin’s techno Valhalla Berghain or the Kit-Kat Club are perhaps not the best venues for this kind of thing. I vaguely knew that the two had founded a graphic design studio called Schwarzrosagold (blackpinkgold) and some mutual friends had pointed out to me a couple of posters in Berlin they had created…” Please Read on here.

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