AI Powered to be You, just YOU

NUCA, by Mathias vef & Benedikt Groß, AI Powered Camera to be YOU Just YOU

NUCA AI Powered to be You, just YOU Natural Nudity.AI Powered to be You.Just You. NUCA is a speculative design and art project by Mathias Vef and Benedikt Groß. The project aims to provoke and question the current trajectory of generative AI in reproducing body images. NUCA is an AI-powered camera that redefines image creation. NUCA captures individuals […]

Uncanny Family

Mathias Vef Uncanny Family - AI Art

Uncanny Family Over the past year we have all experienced a migration of our lives online, expressing ourselves digitally in novel ways and unprecedented frequencies. It’s inevitable then, that these enforced engagements with online environments have changed the way we relate to others, the way we think of ourselves and the way we make art. […]

Amphigony Mural
@ Charité Campus, Berlin

Mathias Vef Amphigony Mural at Charite Hospital 2017

Amphigony Mural @ Charité Campus, Berlin Last year I was comissioned to create an installation in the foyer of the women’s clinic in Germany’s largest hospital Charité in Berlin. I’m very happy to invite to unveiling of the work Amphigony on June 19th at 12:00. The mural is a collage made from butterfly wings. With […]

@ Galerie 3punts, Berlin

Mathias Vef - Scion XV – Syncretics

Syncretics @ Galerie 3punts, Berlin From February 12th 2015 3punts Gallery shows my work Syncretics. Starting from simple elements varying with each generation, I use a digital collage technique to create digital ecosystems. These systems loom to be an illusion of the natural but are infused by an abstract artificiality and an urge to shape […]

@ Roy Brown, London

Mathias Vef: FAME by Roy Brown, 2014

FAME @ Roy Brown, London London based artist ROY INC new work is a result of processing the struggle with those who opposed him, who didn’t believe in him – and generally with all the negative forces he had to fight. This struggle and the tribal forces that he was channeling in the song led […]

Royal College of Art, London

Mathias Vef - Me-Loop Royal College of Art 2013

Me-Loop Royal College of Art, London Me-Loop is a video installation about the bespoke queer world one will inhabit when all perception will be mediated and reality will be constructed out of individual likes. The work presumes a future where augmented reality will be ubiquitous, allowing each of us to filter, shape and manipulate our […]

@ Royal College of Art, London

I DO ME, Mathias Vef, 2012, Royal College of Art, London, Video 2:34

Looking @ Royal College of Art, London Filmed and composed by Mathias Vef, music by Gesaffelstein “The skin is our contact to the world, we look through it and the world looks on us through it. Changing it is changing not only us and our inner selves, but changing the viewer. The view on the […]

@ Royal College of Art, London

Paramasculinities, 2012, Mathias Vef, Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle Baryta Paper, 40x60 cm

Paramasculinities @ Royal College of Art, London Aesthetics, masculinity and sports have always been in a fluctuant and fruitful feedback since the first ancient Olympics. The aesthetics are in a flow and evolving, sport inspired fashion and sport sculptured bodies are complemented by body enhancing technologies. For the first time Paralympics today draw similar attention […]

Machinic Gender Trouble
@ Royal College of Art, London

Machinic Gender Trouble, Mathias Vef, 2011, Royal College of Art, London

Machinic Gender Trouble @ Royal College of Art, London Technology was masculine. Machines were developed by males for male purposes. They were oily and dirty, made to get stronger, faster and better, to build towers, to move mountains and to fight wars. But times change and technology does too. Today technology is about soft skills, […]