Trauma Fauna
@ Shame Gallery, Brussels

Mathias Vef Trauma Fauna at Shame Gallery Brussels 2022

Trauma Fauna @ Shame Gallery, Brussels I am very happy to join Shame Brussels‘ ‚Trauma Fauna‘ show tonight, exploring the myth of the suffering artist, post-traumatic growth, catharsis, escapes and emotional transitions around the ongoing story of human hardship, complete with humour, irony and fantasy. I’ll show a new G-Painting ‚And the ground became home […]

Uncanny Family

Mathias Vef Uncanny Family - AI Art

Uncanny Family Over the past year we have all experienced a migration of our lives online, expressing ourselves digitally in novel ways and unprecedented frequencies. It’s inevitable then, that these enforced engagements with online environments have changed the way we relate to others, the way we think of ourselves and the way we make art. […]

Amphigony Mural
@ Charité Campus, Berlin

Mathias Vef Amphigony Mural at Charite Hospital 2017

Amphigony Mural @ Charité Campus, Berlin Last year I was comissioned to create an installation in the foyer of the women’s clinic in Germany’s largest hospital Charité in Berlin. I’m very happy to invite to unveiling of the work Amphigony on June 19th at 12:00. The mural is a collage made from butterfly wings. With […]

@ Galerie 3punts, Berlin

Mathias Vef - Scion XV – Syncretics

Syncretics @ Galerie 3punts, Berlin From February 12th 2015 3punts Gallery shows my work Syncretics. Starting from simple elements varying with each generation, I use a digital collage technique to create digital ecosystems. These systems loom to be an illusion of the natural but are infused by an abstract artificiality and an urge to shape […]