Syncretic Walls

The Syncretics collages are each worlds of their own, both abstract and surreally realistic. They start from simple and single elements of different kinds of objects, from butterfly wings or the tentacles of nudibranches up to headphones or virtual guns from video games. The growing variations within each generation emerge then to digital ecosystems.

They are an illusion of the natural but they are infused by an abstract artificiality.

For me the work is the synthesis of two philosophies, weltanschauungen, to something new. It does not only relate to the combination of the natural and artificial, but also to the process of a creation in an evolutionary and

generative way, as in contrast to a conscient creation of a designer or artist.

Please get in touch if you are interested in a mural for your home.

Please celebrate with me


from October 2nd –
December 31st 2020
at The Ballery!

Opening: October 2nd 2020, 18:00h, please RSVP
The Ballery, Nollendorfstr. 11, 10777 Berlin

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