@ Roy Brown, London

Mathias Vef: FAME by Roy Brown, 2014

FAME @ Roy Brown, London London based artist ROY INC new work is a result of processing the struggle with those who opposed him, who didn’t believe in him – and generally with all the negative forces he had to fight. This struggle and the tribal forces that he was channeling in the song led […]

@ Royal College of Art, London

I DO ME, Mathias Vef, 2012, Royal College of Art, London, Video 2:34

Looking @ Royal College of Art, London Filmed and composed by Mathias Vef, music by Gesaffelstein “The skin is our contact to the world, we look through it and the world looks on us through it. Changing it is changing not only us and our inner selves, but changing the viewer. The view on the […]