@ Royal College of Art, London

Filmed and composed by Mathias Vef, music by Gesaffelstein

“The skin is our contact to the world, we look through it and the world looks on us through it. Changing it is changing not only us and our inner selves, but changing the viewer. The view on the crafted self is a powerful and alluring persuasion. It reveals the existence of the self and power of being throughout history, from ancient times through postmodernism up to the future.”

Body modification is a manifestation of the will and a tool to be. It defines how the world sees one and manifests how one sees oneself and how one sees the world.

I Do Me. toured through the UK in 2013.

The video was selected for the 25th anniversary show at Candid Gallery and for G-Fest 2014, both in London.

“They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.”

Michelle Delio

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