Chrom Art, London
October 1st & 2nd 2016
On G – B04 (C) Mathias Vef, 2016, photographic print & GHB/GBL
On G – Tp08 (C) Mathias Vef, 2016, photographic print & GHB/GBL

“Before nations and religions there were tribes. The definition of tribe implies living as one with the environment and others, to take only what’s needed and to give back. Artists from all over the world, we are still one tribe, and we have a huge role to play in the moral economy, not just the market economy, to influence society through the power that art has to focus on what unites people, fighting the antagonism we witness again and again. Tribe is not about decorative art, but provocative art; not from a lazy popularity point of view, but thought provoking.
Tribe has no political or religious affiliations of any kind; we are only moved by our belief in the power that us artists have in our hands and hearts to change the world for the better.

After a huge success from last Year’s #Tribe15, featuring over 100 contemporary artists and open to over 2500 visitors in the heart of London, Chrom-Art decided to continue the exciting
journey with the Second Edition of #Tribe16 International Arts Festival.
Conceived as an alternative multicultural festival, involving cross-disciplinary Arts like 2D art works, sculpture, graffiti, art installation, video and performance, #TRIBE16 is held in 47/49 Tanner Street, a spectacular Victorian venue spanning over 3 floors and 5 different areas with 12,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space in central London. We believe that #Tribe16 becomes an epicentre of creativity, radiating through all disciplines and backgrounds, conjuring together a unique experience.”

Friday 30th September till Sunday 2nd October.
47/49 Tanner Street, SE1 3PL London

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