Edition #1

Art @ HOME
Mathias Vef, Art Un-Distance

The last weeks meant to learn to abstain from a lot of things.
Including experiencing art live. And art is something you need to experience live.

If you cannot come the art, art should come to you.

I offer a selection of originals to come to your home, for a small fee, to stay with you:

A) for a month, for two, three, …
B) or forever.

For the first week I chose a selection of prints from 2016 to 2019, collages I call ‚Dividuals‘.
I found special people to perform for me in front of my camera and give me the ‚meat‘-erial I need, to reassemble their expression to mine and to something new.
To me they represent the Multeity of a generation that is born liquid, into a liquid modernity in which your own form doesn’t follow function bit feeling.

So please choose one of the following images.
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Contact me: m@mathiasvef.com
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